Warranty Deed

You are required to provide a warranty deed to the person who is buying your property. That warranty deed is a legal contract and it contains a number of promises that you are making to the buyer. One of those promises is that your property is free from all claims and encumbrances. For us to do our job, we need a copy of the title insurance policy, title certificate and the deed you received when you purchased the property. You must also think carefully about any changes you have made to the property since you acquired it. We need to know if you have given anyone a deed to a part of your property or agreed to change the boundaries. We also need to know if you have given anyone permission to use your property, such as an easement for a utility company, letting a neighbor use your driveway or anything similar. Please make a note of any of these things you have done. In preparing the deed to give to the buyer, we need to exclude the encumbrances on your property from the promise that there are no encumbrances. If that is not done, and the buyer finds out that an encumbrance prevents them from doing what they want to with the property, the buyer may choose to sue you for damages.