COVID-19 Information for Real Estate Transactions

Can real estate closings occur without meeting in-person?

Yes.  To allow your closing to proceed without attending in-person, we can prepare a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney will authorize a member of our office to sign documents on your behalf. You will not need to attend the closing unless required by your lender. We will provide copies of closing documents to be signed and will answer any questions you have by phone or email prior to completing the transaction. The Power of Attorney will be prepared and sent to you near the time your closing is scheduled. You will need to sign it before a Notary and scan or mail a copy to us prior to the closing date.

Can real estate closings occur when a lender prohibits use of a Power of Attorney?

Yes.  Our office is now beginning limited in-person closings.  We modified our conference room to allow closings to occur while safely distancing.  We also added a separate entrance for clients.  Most transactions will still close by Power of Attorney, but we can now accommodate closings where a Power of Attorney is not allowed by the lender.  We will only allow clients to enter, so Realtors and other parties who are not signing documents will be asked to wait outside.  We’ve created procedures to comply with the new State rules which we’ll email to in advance.

What are the safety procedures for in-person closings?

To provide for your safety and the safety of our staff, we have implemented the following procedures:

  • If requested, we will limit the number of parties in the conference room at one time.
  • Before entering the office, please put on a face mask.
  • When entering, you will have access to just the conference room.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided.

If you are showing COVID-19 symptoms or have been diagnosed with an active case of COVID-19, please contact our office to make alternate arrangements.

Can real estate closing documents be signed online in Vermont?

No.  Mortgages, deeds and other documents are required to be wet ink signed with only original documents recorded in the land records.

Can a scanned or faxed Power of Attorney be used as an original?

Yes.  There is a special exception in the statute which allows for a copy of a POA to be used as an original.